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Often without realizing it, employees and subordinates look up to and emulate their managers and leadership.  Consequently your behavior as a manager or leader on and off the job may very well be your best resource for coaching your people.


Employees watch and observe how you do the things you do, how you communicate with them and the way you handle situations.  And then, the approach what they do in much the same way.  To this day I have retained some habits I learned or picked up from the many bosses I had over the years.  I use words and motion the same way in spite of myself!  I bet you do too.

So behave as you expect of others.  By modelling what we expect, we "Lead by example".

Sobem Nwoko, Publisher

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"You have to have some sort of degree to be successful," said Weaver, a 28-year old inmate at York Correctional Institution in Niantic serving a nine-year sentence for driving drunk in an accident that killed two friends.



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The Reentry Success Center was the result of some five years of community advocacy and pressure from Contra Costa County, Richmond city authorities and local citizen organizations



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Leaders' Jolt! - The Must-Add to Your Daily Workout

Do you struggle with decisions? Well I did, until I ceased agonizing over them.  Used to be I'd spend undue amounts of time mulling aspects of situations before I made up my mind.  Often these examinations were just another excuse to avoid the inevitable - that I would have to decide one way or the other.

But that has changed.  Today I make decisions, small ones, large ones, lots of them and very quickly.  I work on me to make decisions.  Although not all my decisions have been good ones, its not often that I am displeased with them either.  What's interesting is that a high percent are actually pretty good decisions indeed when I look back on them!  The not so good ones - well they were not good and I learned from them.  The more decisions I made the better I got at making good ones.  That's the key.  We learn as we go.

Decisioning - Made Easy


Something thats helped propel my decision making is I have a fairly clear picture of what I would like to accomplish overall as a person and make an effort to aim my daily activities at that.  So this vision/purpose for my life and how it fits in my daily business and personal activities helps drive what my decisions are in general. Its written into my personal and business mission statements and I make an effort to look at it daily.  With that its easier to pull the trigger on most occasions requiring that I make one decision or the other.  

If you have trouble making up your mind or agonize too much over it, then do what I do -- "decide" on your purpose for being and as they say, how you would want your obituary to read.  Remind yourself of that everyday and let it guide how you make your mind up.  Wishing you the very best always.

Working With Youth

This week we bring you a couple of articles directed at youth population.  One is results of a study that finds possible relationship between lowered drinking age and high school drop-out.  

Also we introduce you to a webinar on youth workforce development to discuss training, work, and internship development strategies for hard-to-reach youth.  Plus several new articles, you are bound to find something you can use.  Have a great rest of this week and next.

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Sobem Nwoko, President, Joyfields Institute

Founder, EBP Society


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What we learned from an Old Timer

Leaders' Jolt for October, 2015

Over a three year period Seafirst Bank, a small bank system in the Seattle area, zoomed from red ink to a $425 million profit and a 500% increase in customer retention.  How?  By deciding not to think of itself as a bank!  Instead it gathered and analyzed data, underwent a brutal self-evaluation and conducted numerous customer focus groups before morphing into a local retail store or convenience outlet - simple, unintimidating, friendly, and flexible enough to meet each neighborhood's needs. 

How Does This Apply?forums

I share this story not for its financial merits.  But rather to prompt examination of what can happen when we focus on the customer we serve and are person-centered in our dealings.  We not only succeed in delivering great outcomes for clients - but we make money too.

So think deeply about what we do in our various endeavors.  And then ask the question, "How can I (we, our agency, our program) become our very best version?"  Think differently, optimistically and with a can-do attitude on the matter.  For example,

"I am not _______.  Instead I am _______."  Or,

"What I do is not ______, and instead, What I do is, _______."

"Our business is no longer about ____________.  Who we are is a business that ____________."

Really think about that.  Exert some brain power until it hurts a little.  Talk about that in your staff meeting this next week. Ask the question, "How do we re-invent ourselves?"

Sobem Nwoko, Presiden Joyfields Institute



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