EB Professionals Monthly - June, 2019

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EB Professionals Monthly - April (a), 2019

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The Evidence-Based Professional Newsletter

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Hope 2019 has progressed as you intended. Create an unstoppable you in 2019.
Explore resources for evidence-based professionals (EBP's) and organizations (EBO's).

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Federal prison reform bill signed into law.

First Step Act Is Signed Into Law Reauthorizing Second Chance Act

President Trump has signed into law a bipartisan legislation to reform the federal prison system.

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What it means to be an evidence-based practitioner

Giving Up Your "Guy In A Diner" Card

Evidence-Based Implementation Specialist, Mark Lowis writes about "what it means to be an evidence-based practitioner". Mr. Lowis also wrote the book, "Motivational Interviewing: Core Skills for Durable Change:

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5 components for becoming an evidence-based organization

Becoming An Evidence-Based Organization

Dr. David Myers, author of the book, "How to Become An Evidence-Based Organization: Demonstrating Leadership Sustainability" describes the 5 key components to consider.

Learn The 5 Components

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Call for Proposals to Present at Evidence-Based "Pathways" - Spring '19

Experts, practitioner, and solutions providers are invited to submit proposals to speak on evidence-based case management, care coordination, counseling and supervision conferences and workshops this April 17-19 in New Orleans, LA.

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Monthly for Evidence-Based Professionals

Welcome to your evidence based professionals monthly featuring your collection of relevant articles, webcasts, grant resources, and our upcoming events. This month we begin our shift toward focusing each issue of the newsletter on specific topic areas. For this issue we feature articles on;

1) data, its use for responding to pressing issues

2) outside the box think

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