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All Upcoming Events

Register for upcoming webinars, workshops & conferences.

Annual Conference & Masterclasses

We host live & virtual conferences and masterclasses for developing skills on leadership, individual engagement and care coordination.

EBP Planning Days

Join us for semi-annual event designed for professionals to plan for future EB development and initiatives.

MI Days

Our semi-annual program dedicated to helping agencies and their staff develop in-house MI capacity is second to none.

Our Webinars

Our Semi-Annual Conference & Masterclasses for Evidence-Based Professionals

Individual Engagement, Case Management, Family & Community Supports, Leadership & Organizational Development

Semi-annual event for evidence-based professionals and their leadership interested in adapting what they are already doing - NOT start from scratch! the program is available via 3 channels;

  • Live during Spring and Fall
  • Online, On-Demand year-round, and
  • Private on-site delivery at your agency.

Participants get to choose their focus area, or PATHWAY - See Below.


Proven Roadmap For Building Sustainable In-House MI Programs


Top MINT Instructors Train Front-Line Teams, Their Supervisors & In-house Trainers
  • PHASE-1: Train Front-line Staff, Their Supervisors & In-house Trainers
  • PHASE-2: Train Supervisors & In-houe Trainers to coach others on MI Skills
  • PHASE-3: Train In-house Trainers to train existing and incoming staff MI Skills