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Leaders' Jolt! - December 2015

10 December 2015
Welcome to December's issue of Leaders' Jolt. We're passionate about evidence based practice and as a result, we've...

Leaders' Jolt! - Modeling is powerful

21 October 2015
Welcome to Leaders' Jolt! Often without realizing it, employees and subordinates look up to and emulate their manage...

Leaders' Jolt! - The Must-Add to Your Daily Workout

14 October 2015
Do you struggle with decisions? Well I did, until I ceased agonizing over them.  Used to be I'd spend undue amou...

What we learned from an Old Timer

08 October 2015
Leaders' Jolt for October, 2015 Over a three year period Seafirst Bank, a small bank system in the Seattle area, zoo...

Inaugural Evidence-Based Professional

01 October 2015
Leaders' Jolt- for October 1, 2015 By Joyfields Institute's Society for Evidence-Based Professionals on Oct 01, 2015...

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EBP Society is the growing community of professionals who share a commitment to the application of evidence-based frameworks to the work we do;

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Through our online community, organizations and their staff can efficiently access resources that were exclusive to our events. Our members are employed in the health, human, social, and justice services fields.


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