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What Does It Mean to Become a Certified Evidence Based Practitioner (CEBP) Or, Giving Up Your “Guy in a Diner” Card

What Does It Mean to Become a Certified Evidence Based Practitioner (CEBP) Or, Giving Up Your “Guy in a Diner” Card...

Police Use of Force Policy and Excessive Force

Evin Carmack, University of New Haven This paper seeks to examine use of force policy and its impact on instances of...
header photo of a young person playing basketball for drug court article

The Efficacy of Drug Courts

Meredith Emigh, University of New Haven Drug courts were designed to divert drug-involved offenders with less seriou...

Revitalizing Problem-Oriented Policing Through SWOT Analysis Concepts

George M. Froggé, Austin Peay State University  Abstract Crime prevention is part of a police department’s job res...

Farmers, and the amazing things they do!

Today I ran across a brief note I wrote a while ago. I share it here to encourage. I have this image in my mind of...

Elderly Prison Inmates: Specifying Priorities for Care and Staff Training

Melissa Inglis, East Central University & Tracy Tully, City University of New York, Borough of Manhattan Communit...
Incarceration: The Motherhood Effect

Incarceration: The Motherhood Effect

Timothy Daty, University of New Haven Over the years, the impact of parental incarceration on families has been a wi...
Prioritizing Untested Sexual Assault Kits

Can Social Disorganization Explain Terrorism?

Joseph Dule, University of New Haven The article “County-Level Correlates of Terrorist Attacks in the Uni...
Moving Beyond BAC in DUI Screening Tools

Moving Beyond BAC in DUI Screening Tools

Kevin Earl, University of New Haven Many assessment tools of DUI offenders, as well as sanctions, are based mai...

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