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Extending the Ties that Bind: Considering the Implementation of Extended Family Visits in Prisons

Thomas Dutcher University of New Haven The following brief presents valuable information for states considering impl...

Marijuana Decriminalization and Legalization in the 21st Century

Paul Klee, Kyle Longo, Jamie Hickey, and Hannah Providence University of New Haven “Nothing has contributed more to ...

The Impact of Quality Assurance Practices on Client Outcomes

Giovanni Circo, Ph.D.Young Wang, M.S.University of New Haven Quality assurance practices (QA) are an important tool ...

An Evaluation of the Newhallville Safe Neighborhood Initiative (NSNI)

Timothy K. Daty, M.Ed.David L. Myers, Ph.D.Jonathan Allen Kringen, Ph.D.University of New Haven  Newhallville is one...

Introduction: Addressing Food Insecurity through Public Administration

Dr. Monica Fulton President, Advanced Legacy Solutions, LLC Meeting the needs of citizens in a fiscally responsible ...

Research in Action: Drug Court Evaluation through a Researcher-Practitioner Partnership

Joseph Dule, MS, MA; David Myers, PhD; Kevin Earl, MS; Mengbei Wang, MS, MA; and Timothy Daty, MEd; University of New...

Law Enforcement Social Interaction Training: A Review of the Research

Samantha A. Moul, University of New Haven Since the turn of the century, the policing profession has seen a shift to...

Dissecting Community Policing: The Contemporary American Perspective

Patryk F. Jaroszkiewicz, University of New Haven Although the development of American policing is deeply rooted in ...

Racialized Bodies within Policing and Surveillance

Amber Amin, University of New Haven  The death of Freddie Gray in 2015 kick-started a movement of modern day civil r...

The Impact of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines on Diabetes through the Use of Mobile Devices

Mary Ann R. Garcia, DNP, MSN, RN, Chamberlain University  Diabetes is a major public health problem worldwide. It is...

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