Officials Reduce Barriers to COVID-19 Loans for People with Records

Move To Reduce Restrictions on COVID-19 Loans for People with Records

Federal officials on Friday agreed to ease restrictions that blocked some people with criminal records from receiving small-business loans needed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The U.S. Small Business Administration will no longer disqualify applicants who have been convicted of a crime over the last five years, instead adjusting the restrictions to loan-seekers who are less than a year removed from their conviction. Loan applicants who have been convicted of financial crimes, such as bribery and embezzlement, in the last five years would still be prohibited from securing emergency assistance for their business through the Paycheck Protection Program.

Officials Reduce Barriers to COVID-19 Loans for People with Records


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BJA releases PREA Data-Collection Activities, 2020

Just released: PREA Data-Collection Activities, 2020
This report, the tenth in a series that began in 2011, describes the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ data-collection and developmental activities during 2019 and 2020 to measure the incidence and prevalence of rape and sexual assault in correctional facilities. It discusses the following data collections:

  • National Survey of Youth in Custody
  • National Inmate Survey
  • Survey of Sexual Victimization.


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Your EBP Quarterly Is Here - Volume 5, Number 1

This issue of EBP Quarterly features 3 in-depth articles, and an insightful book review. Enjoy...

  • Transition Planning for Students with Autism and Intellectual Disability: A Review of Research
    • Jane Roitsch* and Annemarie L. Horn, Department of Communication Disorders & Special Education, Old Dominion University
  • Crime Analysis as Part of the Evidence-Based Policing Toolkit: Implementation, Integration, and Practical Use
    • Teresina G. Robbins, University of New Haven
  • Does Procedural Justice Training of Law Enforcement Officers “Work”?
    • Jill T. Ruggiero, University of New Haven
  • BIASED: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do
    • Jennifer Eberhardt (2019), New York, United States: Viking Press, 340 pages, ISBN 9780735224933
      Book Review by Paul Klee, University of New Haven
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4 Tips for Uncertain Times

One truth of the Coronavirus that is obvious to individuals and agencies, and at the same time not is what I will call the "economic uncertainty flu". Its very real. Here are 4 tips I suggest for tackling it head on.

  1. ACT! Have a plan of action. Prepare as with any impending danger, not just stay reactive and get trampled upon.
  2. Expand, not contract. Many are distracted and retreating. Although some retreating can help while you assess the situation, I personally prefer to look for the silver lining and expand into it. If you look you will find. Take courage and look for it.
  3. Press on. Though it will be hard for a while, in my experience we always find a way. Things just seem to always get better. Press on.
  4. Stay focused on your goals. Watch less TV. Remain focused.

Here's to SUCCESS...




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Stay Engaged & THRIVE Even With Coronavirus (COVID-19)

I want to encourage you and maybe help get the bounce back in your step - because in my humble opinion, all this media hype and its focus on the negative around the coronavirus is stealing people's joy. It has made many very fearful, and in quite a few cases very irrationally fearful. The facts as we know simply do not support the level of fear in our society today. Some authorities are beginning to I think make bad decisions also.

As an evidence-based community we have looked at the data and information from authoritative sources such as the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The facts simply do not support the fear being generated by the media. There's undue focus in the media on how many cases have been found and how many have died. There's no talk about how many have recovered! It makes me wonder. Some 2 weeks ago I read somewhere that over 43,000 have indeed recovered from the infection. We also know that people who contract the disease do recover and have recovered from it.

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What I Know from the Coronavirus

It’s everywhere you turn these days - Coronavirus. You turn on the news (am not much for watching tv) and it’s as if the world is ending the way they are reporting it. The news media has been so skewed of late am not so sure what to believe. As I see it, many are simply trying to lay their opinions on me.

Some people have asked me what I think of the coronavirus thing. This is what I tell them.

I tell them I found out the other day that over 43,000 people who contracted the virus have recovered! How about that? Yet, all you hear about is how many contracted the disease, and how many died. I had no idea people survived the thing. Be careful of the data we’re being fed. I had not heard it anywhere else except on a news conference Vice President Mike Pence gave. Made me ask, “whatever happened with our news media? Whatever happened with the old media? Why is it the media doesn’t see the good anymore? Shocking. What does that tell you? Tells me a lot. Here I was thinking this strange thing is a death sentence if you catch it. Yet people are actually recovering. Wow!

So I tell those who ask. I don’t just sit there like a zombie and consume the junk outlets conjure up to bombard us with. I look for what am not being fed too. To me the media needs to find its way again. Its lost right now and doesn't seem to want to find its way.

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Regina Lawrence (CEBL) Recognized in Norfolk

Pioneer in Evidence-Based Leadership & Organizational Development Recognized

Pioneer leader in evidence-based leadership and organizational development, Regina Lawrence, President and CEO, STOP Inc, is honored at the African American Trail Blazers Award ceremonies in Norfolk, VA Feb. 2nd.

In April 2014 Ms. Lawrence led STOP Inc. through the rigorous process of becoming an Certified as An Evidence-Based Organization (CEBO), the first of its kind following the launch of the certification program in 2013. (Learn more here) The organization has since garnered other noteworthy credentials.

STOP Inc (Supporting Transformational Opportunities for People) was created in 1965 as the designated Community Action Agency to serve the Southeastern Tidewater Virginia area.
Governed by a dedicated board of directors, STOP employs more than 37 highly skilled staff members who implement 15 programs with funding from 11 Federal, State, Local, and Private sources.

Learn more about the organization and support work it does via their website at,
Congratulations Regina! You have worked so very hard. You deserve it.


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