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Evidence-Based Pathways Masterclasses Now Available Online On-Demand, 24/7!

For Immediate Release:

Atlanta, GA - Mar. 15, 2021 - Joyfields EBP Society is set to release its evidence-based masterclasses as online on-demand courses. The courses teach established frame works to;

  1. Help agency leadership build and sustain their evidence-based organizations and programs, and
  2. Provide practitioners and their client-facing colleagues with the essential skills for working well with clients they serve to produce durable outcomes.

Taught by Evidence-Based Implementation Specialists (EBIS), the courses teach participants to utilize resources and personnel they currently have in using easy-to-follow steps.

Sobem Nwoko, President, Joyfields Institute, and a founding member of EBP Society in a statement said, "We have adapted our Evidence-Based Pathways conference event in an online and on-demand digital format. It serves to drive our vision of helping to accelerate the adoption of evidence-based approaches as much as we can."

Nwoko continued saying, "The pandemic impacted customers, and how they continue to meet stakeholder expectations as they work to deliver services to those they serve in the community. These days they want to empower staff with skills they need, when they need it. The masterclasses with help them do that efficiently."

Our online on-demand evidence-based masterclasses provide easy access to training that leadership and practitioners need to meet their commitments to ongoing service excellence.

View details and register for masterclasses go online at;


EBP Society is the growing community of professionals who share a commitment to the application of evidence-based frameworks to work we do

Joyfields Institute is the world's leading provider of evidence-based & strength-centered programs and supports training, implementation and evaluation.


Sobem Nwoko