IBH Undeterred In Evidence-based Client Services Amid COVID-19


Joyfields Institute News – August 14-2020 – Atlanta, GA - In a statement today, Joyfields Institute for Evidence Based Professionals announced that IBH Addiction Recovery Center of Akron, Ohio is taking bold steps undeterred in its efforts to deliver evidence-based and strength-centered services to their clients.

Since March the agency and staff has been undergoing the process of becoming certified as an evidence-based organization, leadership and as practitioners. Recently it completed (along with 4 other agencies in Summit County, Ohio) a third party driven internal self-assessment to determine steps it must take to enhance services it delivers using evidence-based approaches. Amid the challenges of COVID-19 the staff and its leadership have remained undeterred. The self-assessment resulted in an Evidence-Based Organizational (EBO) Report Card that is helping to guide its next steps.

IBH Executive Director, Jonathan Wylly commented saying, "The IBH Team is excited to work with Joyfield’s and our local county mental health and addiction authority (Summit County ADM Board) to further our goal of becoming a highly regarded and sought-after addiction treatment services agency."

In July its leadership participated in training, various capacity building, strategic and implementation action planning sessions revolving around becoming an evidence-based organization (EBO). IBH is building capacity around the five  areas defined within our evidence based organizational development program.

  • Knowledge and use of evidence-based policies, programs, and practices
  • Demonstrating of effective leadership
  • Organizational culture and assessment
  • Strategic planning, performance measurement, and program evaluation
  • Organizational capacity and sustainability

Later in August and September the entire IBH  direct care staff will undergo evidence-based practitioner training, skills building and coaching to also build capacity for providing evidence-based direct client services.

Mr. Wylly stated further that, "Going through the certification process is helping us tie together all our ongoing efforts to improve our performance as well as considering new practices for us to push harder."  

In a statement Joyfields Institute president, Sobem Nwoko congratulated the team on its "efforts to build staff and organizational capacity in proven methods essential for helping clients achieve success." He observed that the IBH team "is making it all happen in the midst of this pandemic. It is indicative of unrivaled commitment on their part. BRAVO! to IBH and its team of professionals"


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IBH Addiction Recovery Center provides professional treatment services and peer support to “persons afflicted with alcohol and drug addiction so they have the opportunity to restore hope and gain skills for a lifetime of sobriety.” Learn more at http://ibh.org/


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