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Traveling at 1000 Feet per Second with Unalterable Consequences: How to Decrease Police Officer-Involved Shootings

03 September 2020
Penny Geyer, University of New Haven In 2019, there were 1,004 individuals killed in police officer-involved shoot...

Actual Relief: A Call for the Better Implementation of Underutilized Rights Restoration Programs

03 September 2020
Michelle A. Malone, University of New Haven   The legal restrictions imposed upon the accused and convicted creat...

The Effectiveness and Future of Polygraph Testing

03 September 2020
Michele Vittorio, University of New Haven   The use of polygraphs in detecting deception is controversial, and th...

Early Interventions: More Self-Control, Less Crime?

03 September 2020
Young Wang, University of New Haven The purpose of this paper is to inform and advise policy makers and administra...

Amid COVID-19 IBH Undeterred In Evidence-based Client Services

14 August 2020
IBH Undeterred In Evidence-based Client Services Amid COVID-19 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Joyfields Institute News – Augus...

EB Professionals Monthly - August, 2020

03 August 2020
"Do not let yesterday take up too much of today." - Will Rogers Your EBP Monthly's...

ADM Board Pushes Through With Pilot Evaluation of Agencies it Oversees

16 July 2020
ADM Board Completes Phase-1 of Evidence-Based Organizational (EBO) Development of County Service Providers FOR IMMED...

EB Pathways Conference & Masterclasses is Online This Fall

12 July 2020
NEWS FLASH! Whatever your're doing we urge you to pick up the pace! Ok - a weak attempt at humor. Anyways we know ...

EB Pathways Conference & Masterclasses is ONLINE This October

12 July 2020
Join Us ONLINE for EB Pathways Conference & Masterclasses This October NEWS FLASH! Whatever your're doing we urg...

EB Professionals Monthly - July, 2020

10 July 2020
"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot"- Michael Altshuler ...

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