Seasons Center for Behavioral Health Accelerates Efforts in Evidence-Based Client Care


Seasons Center for Behavioral Health Steps Up Efforts in Evidence-Based Client Care

Joyfields Institute PR News – March-3-2016 – Atlanta, GA - In a statement today, Joyfields Institute for Professional Development announced that Seasons Center for Behavioral Health of Spencer, Iowa is accelerating its efforts to deliver on its promise of evidence-based client care.

In 2015 the agency leadership participated in a week long capacity building, strategic and action planning sessions which revolved around "becoming an evidence-based organization and practitioner".  The agency and staff since then have been engaged in months of internal and external self-assessment.  They have also been training and implementing evidence-based approaches in a concerted effort to enhance care and services they deliver to clients as well as the staff.  Currently it is undergoing a review for certification as an evidence-based organization.  Certified Evidence-Based Organizations (CEBO) are recognized for abilities and accomplishments they demonstrate in the area of evidence based policies, programs, and practices. The certification process examines five areas at these organizations;

  • Knowledge and use of evidence based policies, programs, and practices
  • Demonstrating of effective leadership
  • Organizational culture and assessment
  • Strategic planning, performance measurement, and program evaluation
  • Building capacity and sustainability

Sobem Nwoko, President, Joyfields Institute and Founder of the EBP Society, congratulates the team on its efforts to build staff and organizational capacity in proven methods that are needed to help their clients achieve success.

In a statement Seasons Center for Behavioral Health Executive Director, Kim Scorza said, “We have been working diligently over the last few years to ensure that those who come to our agency receive the best care possible and that they leave with a positive experience. Part of our process has been on having an outside entity, Joyfields Institute, review the work we are doing and have us make necessary changes so that employees are well-trained and educated on evidence-based care. We are excited to have had our first on-site review and receive our provisional certification as an Evidence-Based Organization.’

Mr. Nwoko further stated, ‘...employees and their clients seeking supports and services, voluntarily or otherwise, must have confidence the organization is sound, and practices in a way that produces desired outcomes.  Every organization must aspire to make that the standard."

Ms. Skorza contined, “We believe the work we are doing now will have a positive impact on our patients, employees, and our overall region for many years to come."


About Seasons Center for Behavioral Health

Seasons is a comprehensive Behavioral Health Center offering a broad range of psychiatric and behavioral health services to the people and communities in Northwest Iowa since 1959. Seasons is a registered not-for-profit organization.  Learn more at 

About Joyfields Institute for Professional Development

Joyfields Institute standardized Evidence based & Strength-centered programs and supports training and performance evaluation through its workshops, conferences and webcasts.  Later it created EBP Society, the community of professionals and organizations committed to the evidence-based movement.

In 2015 the institute introduced EvalMeasures Software, designed to help professionals gather, evaluate and report data to sustain work they do.  Learn more at


Joyfields Institute
George Cousar, Director, Evaluations & Certifications
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Seasons Center for Behavioral Health
Jennifer Lacewell, Industrial and Organizational Psychologist
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(800) 242-5101 Ext. 1334


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