Are You Ready for The New World of Workforce Development?

Are You Ready for The New World of Workforce Development?

By Najwa Khalaf

It’s Coming……..the New World of Workforce Development……Are You Ready??

Are you ready for the new trends in Workforce Development??  Do you have the partnerships in place and are able to align with current workforce systems that lead to success for the hardest to serve on their road to livable wages?

The new world of Workforce Development will help support the alignment of workforce , public assistance, and reintegration programs with education and economic development to create an accessible, high quality and robust system for those needing support in their job search journey and employment placement.  This new alignment between agencies, helping their customers obtain employment, is designed to leverage resources and opportunities for increasing employment placement, retention, earnings, education attainment.  Thus, it creates a seamless one-stop model leading to reduced dependency on welfare programs and reduce recidivism of justice involved citizens, while helping the clients become successful contributing members of their communities where they live.  This one-stop model will be customer driven, serve all customer bases and help drive regional economies. 

By aligning these systems to work and be housed together, customers will have easy access to core programs that will build and sustain a community’s Talent Pipeline will move individuals and families on to livable wages.   

The new system integrations that will support your customers will include although not limited to:  Reintegration of Offenders, TANF, Mature Workers, Veterans, Dislocated from Employment, SNAP, Ticket to Work, Employers and Post-Secondary Education.  

Joyfields Institute offers a comprehensive set of programs to help you and your staff learn more about these current trends for addressing workforce development needs of hard to serve populations in the new alignment of systems, and how it can support your clients in Employment outcomes.  We offer staff training and capacity building support as public or privare customized onsite workshops.  Tell us how we can help.

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