Will You Be Joining Us In January For Season-2 EBP Web Series?

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Season-2 of our evidence-based web series is now open for registrations to help you build team capacity in Evidence-Based approaches.  Each episode takes place from 1PM-3PM EST (10AM-12PM PST) on the listed specified date.  Your investment towards each episode is $125 for individuals or $375 for the whole team. 

Unable to join on the specified date, no problem.  Participants receive 12-month access to the webcast following the event.  Initial registration is required.  Here is the complete schedule:

Jan. 5th - Ethics: Priciples & Fundamentals for Human, Social & Justice Services Teams

This program discusses the fundamental ethical issues and dilemmas practitioners face in the field.  We will discuss the ethical codes that apply to working with behavioral and mental health clients and evaluate scenarios that allow participants to explore the grey areas and the ethical decision making procedures.

Jan. 8th - Person Centered Planning

Person Centered Planning is a formalized process in which the individual receiving supports and services is helped to lead the process of developing a plan of service. An evidence-based and strength centered practice, its is applicable for prevention and treatment settings.

Jan. 12th - Suicides Detection & Prevention

How can you tell someone is suicidal?  When you do what are appropriate steps to take to prevent it?  This is a two hour webinar to assist counselors (including substance abuse counselors) build skills for suicide prevention.

Jan. 15th - Writing Effective Stage-Matched Service & Treatment Plans

This is a webinar that increases the skills of practitioners in applying strength-based, recovery-oriented treatment in their work with clients and in their documentation. The workshop will give clarity to what is a deficit-based versus a strength-based approach as well as greatly increase individual practitioner skills for writing collaborative, recovery-oriented treatment plans that actually reflect the activities of the individual and the assistive counselor (team).

Jan. 19th - Case Management for Community Corrections: An Introduction to Evidence-Based Fundamentals

The program examines the way in which case-management has been a natural part of community corrections and reentry, probation, parole and other service provider staffs supervising clients at various stages of transitioning within institutions and outside in community.

Jan. 22 - Managing Employee Performance: Core Skills for "New & Less Tenured" Supervisors & Managers

Would you like to help your management team acquire skills for getting great ourcomes - efficiently and cost effectively? Or perhaps your interest is achieiving more consistent results from your management team. Its an excelent workshop for quickly helping your team leaders, management and supervisory staff acquire core management training as they transition into their new roles - make them sink or swim!

Jan. 26th - How To Prep, Write & Deliver Effective Employee Performance Appraisals

Success and sustainability of any agency is driven by how the management team navigates the employee performance review process. What goes on before, during and after the event yields benefits which go straight to the bottom line. Yet the process is one many well-meaning managers and supervisors avoid, or at best do not look forward to. Ultimately the appraisal "thrown together" is one the manager themselves would not want themselves.

Jan. 29th - Motivational Interviewing Skills: An Introduction to MI Fundamentals

Although best taught and assimilated through experiential exercises, this webcast aims to teach foundational concepts involved in the method of MI.  The program will help staff learn how to influence clients into considering making desired change through intrinsic motivation.

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 Did You Miss Out On Season 1?

If you did, we've got a package for you. We're excited to offer season one as a complete online package. As part of purchasing the season one package, you'll gain access to all eight webcasts for 12 months. You'll have plenty of time for you and your team to watch the informative videos. Use the button below to purchase season one or read the episode descriptions below.


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