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Exciting Updates to EBP Hub, Expanded Professional Certifications & New Enhanced EB Quarterlies

We are thrilled to announce that we have spent the past year enhancing the users' (and in particular our members') experience on our EBP HubSociety and Institute websites. Our focus has been on achieving three important outcomes for our members:

1. We have rebuilt, and expanded our self-paced, eLearning platform
3. We are revamping the EBP Society Quarterly Journal for  you our member exclusivity

We are excited to be working with you to create a more bright and promising future. Following below are more details about the tweaks and improvements we have made.

EBP Hub (EB Portal)

evidence based portal

Robust Self-Paced eLearning Platform

We consolidated all our online portal transactions into a more modern user interface with EBP Hub. We rebuilt, and expanded our self-paced, eLearning platform which now features best in class short and long form masterclasses, better user activities reporting and classes designed to give members instant access to education and resources that will help them work effectively with their clients.


Online Masterclasses & Professional Credentialing

We have updated our training and professional credentialing/certification programs to better support the field. This includes robust support for tenured professionals and their leadership. Training now has a distinct focus on Industry Recognized Credentialed content with an emphasis on helping agencies build in-house capacity for sustaining training they receive. We have also introduced the new Human Services Associate program, which is designed to support new associate professionals and others who are interested in entering the field.

The Masterclasses and Certification programs are a structured curriculum of training and self-study credentialing procedure established to prepare individuals for a career in human, social and justice services. It also aids in the recruitment and retention of skilled and talented staff members who become part of a nationwide network of professionals devoted to improving their effectiveness and enhancing the performance of their agencies and organizations.

Industry Recognized Credentialed (IRC's) Masterclasses

You can now look to us to provide industry recognized models so you don't have to look very far for essential training every professional needs. Our primary emphasis with these training is to help agencies develop in-house capacity for sustaining the training in-house and rely less on outside expertise.

Motivational Interviewing (MI)

Cognitive Behavioral Approaches (CBT)

Substance Use Disorders (AOD)


EB Pathways Conference Updates

Our Semi-Annual conference for both practitioners and organizations (plus leadership) is now called EB Pathways and will be represented by the following logo with each ring representing the layers of people required for bringing to life the power of evidence-based practices. 

evidence based conference

The conference typically will include a general session and a few additional courses for all attending as well as Masterclass pathways. Those attending the conference as a practitioner will take the Masterclass for Practitioners as their path through the conference. Leadership will take the masterclass for leadership as their pathway. 


EBP Society Quarterly

We are revamping the EBP Society Quarterly Journal to provide more in-depth research and content that is available exclusively for our members.


Company Names & Website Updates

You may have also noticed how we've updated our websites (in particular EBP Hub). You can now easily navigate across them using each website's top toolbar.

Here's a quick break down on each entity.

The Joyfields Institute (EB Solutions)

joyfields evidence based solutions 

Joyfields is oriented around providing specific solutions for evidence-based organizations. Through this entity, we offer assessments, on-site training, and weekly webinars.

EBP Society (EB Community)

evidence based society

EBPSociety is focused on the evidence-based community and live events. This includes EB Pathways, with its two nested Masterclasses for Practitioners and Organizations. The Society also has an active blog and works with practitioners, and leaders to get certified for their evidence-based expertise. The Society also houses an online BETA membership portal for ongoing evidence-based learning (updates to come in 2020).

EBP Hub (EB Portal)

evidence based portal

The EBP Hub is our online portal, store, exclusive resource hub, and home for the membership resources. It's also where purchase and registration transactions happen.

Continuing To Improve The Experience With A Strong Focus

We're dedicated to providing a better online experience, and building out reliable resources for your evidence-based journey. If you have questions, comments, or concerns about these changes, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Photo: "Change" by Ross Findon - Unsplash

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