Your EBP Quarterly Is Here - Volume 5, Number 1

This issue of EBP Quarterly features 3 in-depth articles, and an insightful book review. Enjoy...

  • Transition Planning for Students with Autism and Intellectual Disability: A Review of Research
    • Jane Roitsch* and Annemarie L. Horn, Department of Communication Disorders & Special Education, Old Dominion University
  • Crime Analysis as Part of the Evidence-Based Policing Toolkit: Implementation, Integration, and Practical Use
    • Teresina G. Robbins, University of New Haven
  • Does Procedural Justice Training of Law Enforcement Officers “Work”?
    • Jill T. Ruggiero, University of New Haven
  • BIASED: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do
    • Jennifer Eberhardt (2019), New York, United States: Viking Press, 340 pages, ISBN 9780735224933
      Book Review by Paul Klee, University of New Haven
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