Joyfields Institute Innovates With The Organizational Performance Report Card

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ATLANTA, Georgia, November 11, 2019

Joyfields Institute today introduced an innovative service to help organizations evaluate themselves and their programs to determine how they are performing. The premise is that if staff (parts of the whole) undergo periodic employee evaluations, the organization (the whole) ought to as well. Periodic assessments are especially useful for;

  • understanding how the organization or program is doing,
  • uncovering challenges to tackle,
  • articulating more clearly what actions to take, and why
  • determining where opportunities lie ahead.

Joyfields Institute provides evidence-based solutions to public and private agencies and their staff. As an evaluator the company objectively assesses work being done, their outcomes intended, measures results, and examines the degree to which the results line-up with the intended outcomes. It then produces a comprehensive report card detailing its findings, and makes recommendations. The data, report, and recommendations focus on the five areas of evidence-based organizational development. 

The process for producing the report card is straightforward. The company will manage the project to completion and with very minimum onsite involvement. Interested organizations can learn more online and submit their requests their very own report card at, or call +1(770) 409-8780.


About Joyfields Institute:

Joyfields Institute is the world's leading provider of evidence-based & strength-centered programs and supports training, implementation and evaluation.

Our aim is to provide high-quality reliable services to help customers meet, and exceed stakeholder requirements. We have proudly served over 1000 public and private agencies from all 50 US states and 15 countries.

Customers, policy-makers, funding entities, and taxpayers call for greater accountability from institutions and service providers. They require that wise decisions be made about how resources will be secured and utilized, as well as what programs will be funded, evaluated and sustained. Let's do something together. Visit us at

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