Evidence-Based Professionals Society Launches Local Networking Groups


ATLANTA, November 6, 2017 --

The Evidence Based Professionals Society today launched the EBP Networking Group, (EBPNG). EBP Networking Groups are local communities of professionals committed to the evidence-based movement who have an interest in evidence-based practices. In a statement, Sobem Nwoko, Founder of EBP Society, and President, Joyfields Institute stated, "In our year end vision survey and events nationwide professionals told us they want more localized programming, a way to address matters affecting them at the local level, and opportunities to engage others in the field where you live and work. This has prompted us to get the EBPNG going."

An EBPNG community may be established by any professionals who desire such a community in their local area. Evidence-Based Professionals Networking Groups;

  • are communities of local professionals in major metro areas engaged or interested in evidence-based practices
  • provide forum for these local professionals to network and interact with one another, and
  • provide forums for local professionals to share ideas and solve problems local to them

Mr. Nwoko added, "...professionals want to meet and network with others locally who, like them are serious about "what works". We encourage current and interested professionals in human, social and justice services field to take advantege of this opportunity to engage one another through the EBPNG. That's what this is about. We have whole package to help groups get started"

EBP Networking Groups are now forming across the country. Professionals interested in forming an EBP Networking Group in their area should send email immediately to [email protected], or call 678-720-2772 to for more details.

About EBP Society

EBP Society is the Society for Evidence based Organizations and Professionals. The society helps build capacity and enhance the careers of organizations and professionals in the human and social services fields by promoting adoption of evidence based and strength-centered approaches everywhere, providing efficient access to evidence based education and resources, and facilitating professional certification in Evidence Based and Strength-Centered expertise.

Its membership are organizations and professionals dedicated to evidencec based and strength-centered practices, programs and policies. Learn more about EBPNG's online


EBP Networking Group

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.ebpng.org

(678) 720-2772

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