The State of Evidence Based Community - A Vision of The Future


The State of Evidence Based Community - A Vision of The Future

EBP Society PR News – November 14, 2016 – Atlanta, GA - In a statement the Society for Evidence-Based Professionals, EBP Society said it commissioned the Joyfields Institute for Professional Development to conduct a year-end survey of the evidence based professionals community – “Share your Vision for The EBP Community of the Future”.

Mr. Sobem Nwoko, EBP Society president, stated that "As the title reflects our purpose with the survey is to help focus our efforts on how best to support practitioners and organizations in the field as the “infant” evidence-based movement evolves.  We thank the community for embracing the survey and for their feedback and insights".

Among respondents on the survey are Service Provider (28%), Court Services (18%), Community Action - Workforce, Housing, Weatherization, etc. (15%), Corrections, Probation & Parole (12%), Youth & Family Services (10%), and Native American Nations (9%).  Direct services personnel (42%) and leadership (25%) and managers (18%) were the most represented.  

Participants responded to questions about their vision of the future.  Questions includes;

Identifying "five (5) areas of support you think the EBP Society should focus on to provide support", they responded with, "Knowledge, education, and training on EB Programs, and Data, performance accountability, EB Program Fidelity.

If you could make things better for your staff (if staff report to you) what would they be?

Thinking of your boss and how they could make things better to help you improve results you are getting

Thinking of staff at YOUR AGENCY, what are your TOP five (5) training or resources need?

As a professional, what aspects of being evidence based do you find the most challenging, or frustrating for you that you wished you could change? What would you do to change it? Please write freely.

What suggestions (if any) would you offer for improving how evidence based knowledge and resources are made available to professional like you? Examples could be articles, research data on evidence based models, jobs and grant opportunities, etc.

A full report on the survey and its main themes can be viewed online at,, or click here.  A member login is required to view the full report.


EBP Society is the Society for Evidence-Based Professionals.  The organization is dedicated to enhance capacity and help drive human and social services careers by;

  • Easing access to streamlined training and capacity building programs for professionals
  • Providing a one-stop on-line access to evidence-based education and resources, and
  • Facilitating professional certifications to strengthen career development for evidence-based professionals

Learn more at

Joyfields Institute standardized evidence based & strength-centered programs and supports training and performance evaluation through its annual workshops, conferences and webcasts.  The institute introduced EvalMeasures Software, featuring apps to help evidence-based professionals gather, evaluate and report performance data.  Learn more at


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