Evidence-Based Professionals Society Set to Launch Local Networking Group

The Evidence-Based Professionals Society is set to launch what it calls the Evidence-Based Professionals Networking Group (EBPNG). The goal is to create local communities of professionals who are committed to the evidence-based movement,and afford them a vehicle to meet periodically, network and share matters of interest to them and their local areas.

An EBPNG community may be established by any professionals who desire such a community in their local area. Evidence-Based Professionals Networking Groups;

  • are communities of local professionals in major metro areas engaged or interested in evidence-based practices
  • provide forum for these local professionals to network and interact with one another, and
  • provide forums for local professionals to share ideas and solve problems local to them

EBPNG's are now forming across the country. Professionals interested in starting a networking group in their area should send email to [email protected], or call 678-720-2772. 

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