How to throw an evidence-based webcast streaming party!

Dose your training calendar with some excitement!

As 2017 rolls along, start early and get the team engaged using eLearning, perhaps the least understood, and as such underutilized resource available to EBP Society members online. Many users think of it as a resource only used for self-training. That is a powerful use of the tool although, there are other applications to consider. For instance, the training department can augment their efforts by using its rich training catalog to dose your training calendar with some excitement in fun and easy ways. Here are two examples;

  1. Webcast Stream Parties - This one is very exciting. Here's a guide to how you can organize a Webcast Stream Party.
  • Invite the team to  the training room at the specified time
  • Offer popcorn and other refreshments ahead of the start time
  • Login to your account, select and project the training onto your screen and view with the team *
  • Offer refreshments during the short intermission
  • At the end, spend 30 minutes discussing the material and lessons learned
  • Create a plan of action, timeline, assign owners, and implement

A sample invitation flyer to get the department excited to attend


Advertise it to the staff as you would any other training, plan refreshments, non-alcoholic beverages, some popcorn, etc.

2. Training blitzes - consider this approach if you would like the entire department or staff to quickly bone up on a topic. There are reasons why this may be an option. Perhaps;

- you don't want to "drag" everyone into one room, or
- you don't have a room that can take them all, or
- they are located all over the country, state, city or even buildings.

So you schedule a time period. You can call it, "The Train Game" if you like. When that time arrives, all staff can login and view the same material during that period of time in the privacy of their desks, using headphones, etc. Following that they can send questions and comments to you, or interact with you and each other via your company chat room or whatever tool you use. You can make this a monthly activity if you like.

Anyway, it's that simple and you can make it interesting in your own way. Anyway, we hope you find this helpful and fun.

* High speed internet is required. Also, it's probably a good idea to practice projecting the presentation on ht screen ahead of time.

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