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Evidence-Based Reentry Workshops Head To Vegas - April 26-29, 2016

  • Your organizational and staff practice methods evidence-based?
  • Are your funders and stakeholders requiring evidence-based approaches? 
  • What plans do you have to become evidence-based in 2016?
  • Still waiting to be told to become, well you know e...... ?

Join and learn how at our;


Strategy & Tactics for Successful Transition to Community, Case Management and Career Services

April 26-29, 2016
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Certification programs to efficiently build in-house capacity for strength-centered services delivery.


vegas skyline2

Five (5) comprehensive tracks to meet your needs.  Choose 2-Day program, or stay all 4 days to optimize gains and save.  Bring your team, spread out, build capacity for the work ahead - and save even more!  Earn up to 26 CE Training Hours.

Day-1, April 26, 2016 - Full Day Workshop

Becoming An Evidence-Based Organization (EBO): Organizational Strategy & Tactics for Optimizing Citizens' Reentry Success

Being evidence-based means that organizational policies, programs and practices are backed by scientific evidence supporting their effectiveness, in terms of solving problems, meeting goals and objectives, and assisting citizen clients with achieving behavioral success.  It also means that all available opportunities for enhancing treatment needs of high risk citizens are taken into account.

Day-2, April 27, 2016 - Full Day Workshop

Becoming An Evidence-Based Practitioner: Core and Advance Skills For Community Supervision

This training is standardized formal education for teams supervising justice-involved adults and youth.  Such teams would include counselors, community services providers, courts and probation staff, social workers and clinical teams.  The program fleshes out the evidence-based "common elements" they must possess as practitioners to help their clients improve and move forward successfully with their lives - vs punishing, warning or "rehabilitating".

Days-3 - 4, April 28-29, 2016 - Full 2-Day Workshop

Choose Track-A or B


Evidence-Based Case Management for Community Reentry: Core & Advance Skills for Working With Citizens In Community Supervision

This 2-day program builds on the previous 2-days to more address the case management function more specifically.  In mandated settings case management is often seen as an activity that lacks the importance of clinical and professional services, requiring only instructions and compliance monitoring.  In fact case management is the pivotal activity by which all other supports and services are made viable.


Employment Focused Workforce & Career Services: Core Skills & Advance Skills for Durable Sustainable Outcomes

Evoke and strengthen capabilities individuals already possess. This workshop is a comprehensive employment focused program to help workforce teams obtain skills for helping their clients become gainfully employed even if they have severe barriers.



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