5.5 Reasons to Become Evidence-Based - Programs in Miami, March 9-11, 2016

Reason #1. You are fast, nimble and look good!

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Reason #2. Decision-making is credible guided by data and research evidence

Reason #3. Measurable criteria is used for improving operations and processes to improve margins and increase capacity for growth

Reason #4. Staff typically experiences higher job satisfaction, enhanced morale and professionalism that can't be beat

Reason #5. Employees are motivated and engaged through streamlined evidence-based training and professional development.  Translation, you won't have to "make 'em" do their job

Reason #5.5. Simply put - Can you afford to have it any other way?


Reason #2. "Rebirth" of the professional in you and a bar raised for quality care that can't be beat

Reason #3. Legal protections inherent in the use of proven approaches, uncommon client successes and lowered stress

Reason #4. Possess knowledge and core skills in 2 or more evidence-based approaches and an understanding of how it all fits in the larger whole

Reason #5. You are attractive to employers looking for personnel who "got" it and are ready

Reason #5.5. Well - Its how we roll.  What we do is too crucial for anything less

Join us with other practitioners and experts in sunny Miami this March at the upcoming certification workshops.  Bring the team, take advantage of group rates, spread out and build capacity for the work ahead!

How To Become An Evidence-Based Organization & Professional:
Core & Advance Skills Certification Workshops

March 9-11, 2016 | Miami, Florida, USA

Vicarious Trauma & Traumatic Stress:
Its Impacts & How to Recognize & Manage It At Your Agency To Enhance Services Excellence

March 10-11, 2016 | Miami, Florida, USA

Your attendance earns huge benefits many of which become effective immediately;

  • Up to 20 CE Training Hours.
  • Be in a position to Earn EBP Society's Certification for Evidence-Based Professionals (CEBP) for having acquiring core EBP skills
  • Free membership in EBP Society puts hard-to-find evidence-based resources at your fingertips
  • 24/7 access to growing library of core skills eLearning to help you build capacity easily and quickly
  • Optional access to enterprise class software for fundraising, data gathering and performance measures

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