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Introduction: Addressing Food Insecurity through Public Administration

Dr. Monica Fulton President, Advanced Legacy Solutions, LLC

Meeting the needs of citizens in a fiscally responsible way is important for many local governments today. Finding innovative, yet evidenced-based, ways to accomplish this can be challenging when addressing complex or ‘wicked’ social problems. Food insecurity is one of those complex problem faced by an increasing number of people and communities. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic increased the number of residents experiencing food insecurity, in communities across the nation and around the world, to levels not seen since the Great Recession. Yet, a small Midwestern local unit of government engaged in coproduction with residents, local businesses, and non-profit organization to successfully address food insecurity among its residents without increasing expenditures from the General Fund.

Read the white paper included in this issue of EBP Quarterly to learn more about this unique and successful evidenced-based model that can be used to address a variety of complex community problems.

Download the article using this link

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