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ADM Board Completes Phase-1 of Evidence-Based Organizational (EBO) Development of County Service Providers


Joyfields Institute News – July 16, 2020 – Atlanta, GA - County of Summit ADM Board has completed a pilot program which evaluated county agencies the board oversees. The board worked with Joyfields Institute as an objective third party to assess work being done. Five service provider agencies voluntarily participated in the pilot.

Specifically the pilot examined the degree work being performance is evidence-based utilizing the Joyfields Institute's Evidence-Based Organization Report Card (EBORC). The EBORC process entails gathering data which is then analysed and utilized to report findings. The report focused on the five areas of evidence-based organizational development and effectiveness:

  1. Knowledge and use of evidence-based policies, programs, and practices.
  2. Demonstration of effective organizational leadership.
  3. Understanding of organizational culture and use of organizational assessment.
  4. Utilization of effective strategic planning, performance measurement, and program evaluation.
  5. Ongoing efforts to enhance organizational capacity and sustainability.

The report for each agency is comprehensive and included recommendations for improving in the five areas.

Sobem Nwoko, President, Joyfields Institute stated, "Report cards benefit agencies and especially their funders in different ways. As an example, agencies and their funders are able to use their report findings and recommendations to design funding strategies, and initiatives that are data-informed. It also places them in a position to make disbursements more efficient, agency specific for targeted capacity building, among others."

A cumulative report of the combined 5 pilot agencies was also produced for the ADM Board as part of the project.


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