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Join Us ONLINE for EB Pathways Conference & Masterclasses This October

NEWS FLASH! Whatever your're doing we urge you to pick up the pace!

Ok - a weak attempt at humor. Anyway, we know the drill - lets Get our momentum back. Keep adapting POWERFULLY. Our colleague David Myers says it best, "In a crisis those who are not evidence-based will struggle, and some may not survive". Dr. Myers is the author of the EBO Booklet, "Becoming An Evidence-Based Organization (EBO)".

If you aren't already, work toward being evidence-based. You will be placed in the  position to build capacity for adapting in rapidly evolving conditions - almost seamlessly.

Join us this October ONLINE at our upcoming fall event and learn how;

Evidence-Based "PATHWAYS" Conference & Masterclasses - ONLINE Event

October 21-30 | At Your Desktop or Smart Device

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