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EBP Society "EB Impact! Awards"

Evidence-Based "IMPACT! AWARDS"

Wall of Success

The EBP Society Evidence-Based "IMPACT! AWARD" is given to an agency for outstanding achievement in the area of evidence-based initiatives designed to build staff capacity for assistively and collaboratively helping customers succeed. The award emphasizes implementation success the agency demonstrates.


We Congratulate Our Evidence-Based "IMPACT! AWARD" Winners

  • 2022
    Pascua Yaqui Health & Social Services
    Implementation Management: Irma Valencia, Deputy Director, and Hugo Guerra MS.Ed; Ed.D., Administrative Program Analyst
    Leadership: Michael Ries, Director
    What They Have Done | What They Are Doing

  • 2021
    County of Summit ADM Board

    Implementation Management: Dr. Aaron Ellington, Evidence Based Practices Coordinator/Acting Associate Director of Clinical Services
    Leadership: Aimee Wade, Interim Executive Director/Associate Director of Clinical Services
    (Jerry Craig, Former Executive Director)
    What They Have Done | What They Are Doing

    Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

    Implementation Management: Mia Smith, Planning and Policy Development Specialist
    Leadership: Laura Thompson, Program Director
    What They Have Done | What They Are Doing

  • 2020
    County of San Mateo Probation Department

    Implementation Management: Michelle Mendez, Management Analyst
    Leadership: John Keene, Chief Probation Officer
    What They Have Done | What They Are Doing

  • 2019
    Seasons Center for Behavioral Health

    Impementation Management: Jen Lacewell, Industrial-Organizational Psychologist
    Leadership: Kim Scorza, LMSW, MSW, President/CEO
    What They Have Done | What They Are Doing

Have a nominee in mind? Send your nomination(s) to Please add "IMPACT!" as the subject. Thank you.


Photo by Jordan on Unsplash

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Evidence-Based Professionals Networking Group (ebpng)

The EBPNG aims to support needs and interests of human, social and justice services professionals in their local area.

Evidence-based Professionals are encouraged to;



  • Connect with other professionals where you are
  • Collaborate and learn current as well as emerging trends that are of local and national relevance to you, and
  • Contribute what you know to strengthen the knowledge-base.

All are invited to be a part of something truly centered around the professional in your community.

What Are We Up To?


In our year end "vision" survey you told us you wanted;

  • more localized programming,
  • a platform for addressing what's important to you, your colleagues and your agency where you are, and
  • opportunities to connect and engage with evidence-based professionals near you

Networking Groups

The following groups are now forming;

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Harrisburg, PA
  • Helena, MT
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Nashville / Smithville, TN
  • Orlando, FL
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Redding, CA
  • Roanoke, VA
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Shawano, WI
  • Stockton, CA
  • Washington, DC

    We will route your information to the appropriate networking group closest to you.

If you are not close to any of these groups listed, and you would like one in your area, please send email expressing interest to, or call 678-720-2772. In your email, state location you would like to join, or start. Thank you.


Inaugural Web Conference Call

Thank you for joining for our inaugural web conference call in December.

Local Challenges Noted

  • Frustration getting traction
  • Vendor/practitioner education on EBP in community supervision
  • Money rules – All seem to be following it
  • Risk assessment not prioritized
  • Mindset, attitude biased against client success
  • Lack of appreciation, and application of available EBP resources
  • Efforts being made flounder
  • Ongoing use of methods proven to not be effective

We agree that while these are difficult challenges, they can be overcome one step at a time.

Suggestions made to begin;

What To Do

Schedule, Host and Facilitate a breakfast at your agency. Initial goals of the session may include;

Set up a regular meeting schedule (start with quarterly and move to monthly when you feel ready)
Establish goals & objectives
Process for identifying and contacting other professionals
List matters of interest to your local area professionals
EBP Society can help get the word out



Are you ready for the New World of Workforce Development 

States try to speed up Foster placement  

4 Ways to Overcome Compassion Fatigue  

San Mateo County Probation Department, CA completes organizational self assessment toward becoming a Certified Evidence-Based Organization (CEBO)

Professor David Sackett, a ‘giant’ of evidence-based medicine, dies aged 80  



Select and click on a category to browse the knowledge base;

Crime & delinquency Prevention | Funding Based on Performance | Grants | Juvenile Justice  

Mental Health | Policing | Reentry | Substance Abuse

Evidence-Based Criminal Justice

  • President Obama calls for more effective criminal justice system guided by data and evidence-based approaches
    Read More>>



  • I dont know what you've done to my husband, but he's a changed man

Crime and delinquency prevention

  • Idaho plans to reform correctional programs after in-depth assessment:
    Read More>>
  • Three states awarded $5.2 million for data-driven justice reinvestment efforts
    Read More>>
  • Can crimes be predicted before they occur?
    Read more>>
  •  Study finds pro-social skills exhibited by young children predict behavioral success in early adulthood:
  •  Evidence-based prevention through home visitation:
    Read more >> 

Juvenile  Justice:

  • Juvenile justice representatives from all 50 states meet to develop plans for improving youth outcomes
    Read More>>
  • Study finds educational opportunities lag for kids in juvenile detention
    Read More>>
  • How should we effectively respond to girls in the juvenile justice system?
    Read more-1 >>
    Read more-2 >>
  • Report examines psychiatric disorders in youth after detention:
    Read more>>
  • How Supreme Court decisions have impacted on juvenile justice during the past decade:
    Read more>>
  • Report examines recidivism reduction and improving outcomes for justice-involved youth:
    Read more>>
  • Report examines preschool-to-prison pipeline:
    Read more>>
  • Watch live stream of 50-state forum on improving outcomes for youth in the juvenile justice system:
    Read more>>
  • Issues with juvenile confinement illustrate need for evidence-based improvement:
    Read more-Pt 1 >>
    Read more-Pt 2 >>
  • “Ban the Box” legislation seeks to enhance employment opportunities for youth with criminal records:
  • Youth perceptions of barriers to mental health services:
  • Study recommends raising age of juvenile court jurisdiction to 21:

Mental Health:

  • An evidence-based approach to homelessness in Los Angeles:
    Read more>>
  • Webinar to focus on accessing insurance coverage for substance use and mental health treatment:
    Read more>>
  • SAMHSA to provide training on trauma-informed improvements to criminal justice responses:
    Read more>>
  • SAMHSA soliciting applications for community participation in Sequential Intercept Mapping Workshops;
    Read more>>
  • North Carolina prison leaders promise changes to mental health services:
    Read more>>
  • An evidence-based approach to homelessness in Los Angeles:
    Read more>>

Substance Abuse:

  • West Virginia expands access to substance abuse treatment through justice reinvestment
    Read More>>
  • Study finds 15% of college women have been raped while incapacitated by drugs or alcohol during freshman year
    Read More>>
  • New study finds rising death rates among middle-aged whites linked to drug and alcohol abuse:
    Read more>>
  • Brief training of pediatricians can increase use of substance abuse interventions:
    Read more>>
  • Report from the Substance Abuse and Housing National Leadership Forum:
    Read more>>
  • Drugged driving is an increasing national concern:
    Read more>>
  •  Survey finds concerning use of flavored tobacco among youth:
    Read more>>
  • Study finds possible relationship between lowered drinking age and high school drop-out:
    Read more>>
  • Survey reveals doctors often don’t warn college students about risks of drinking and drug use:
    Read more>>
  • National survey finds use of synthetic drugs increasing:


  • Do police officers in schools actually make kids safer?
    Read More>>
  • Law enforcement video on safeguarding children of arrested parents
    Read more>>
  • Madison police department utilizes mental health team:
    Read more>>
  • Funding provided to assess use of body-worn cameras:


  • DOJ Justice for Families Program
    Read More>>

  • Connecting Criminal Justice to Health Care Initiative
    Read More>>

  • DOS Regional Efforts to Address Torture and Human Right Abuses of Prisoners/Detainees
    Read More>>

  • HUD Pay for Success Permanent Supportive Housing Demonstration Program
    Read More>>

  • CDC National Centers of Excellence in Youth Violence Prevention
    Read More>>

  • SAMHSA Statewide Family Network Program
    Read More>>

  • Information regarding 2016 funding opportunities with NIJ
    Read More>>

  • Juvenile Reentry Assistance Program (JRAP), Department of Housing and Urban Development

    Read more>>
  • $53 million awarded in Second Chance Act funding for reducing recidivism:
    Read more>>
  • $41 million awarded for enhancing drug courts across the country:
    Read more>>
  • Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency announces availability of Substance Abuse Education and Demand Reduction (SAEDR) funds:
  • National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Challenge Grants for Criminal Justice Agencies:

Funding based on performance:


  • Tracking reentry strategies that work:
    Read more>>
  •  6,000 non-violent drug offenders to be released from federal prisons:
    Read more>>
  • Reduced prison phone rates will aid reentry

More Updates >>

San Mateo County Probation Department, CA achieves provisional Certified Evidence-Based Organization (CEBO)  

Are you ready for the New World of Workforce Development 

States try to speed up Foster placement  

4 Ways to Overcome Compassion Fatigue  

Professor David Sackett, a ‘giant’ of evidence-based medicine, dies aged 80  

Joyfields Software rolls out EvalMeasures tools to help professionals gather, evaluate and report data  

Brief overview of changes under the Tribal Law & Order Act (TLOA)   

Inside Obama's effort to use science - and find policies that actually work  

Tule River Indian Youth Project completes its Fourth Year Program Evaluation 

The Vera Institute of Justice releases Cost-Benefit Analysis and Justice Policy Toolkit 

Grants & Funding

  • SAMHSA 2015 grants announcement web page 
  • BJA releases FY 2015 Second Chance Act Reentry Program for Adults with Co-Occurring Substance Abuse and Mental Disorders solicition  
  • Second Chance Act Solicitation: Statewide Adult Recidivism Reduction Strategic Planning Program 
  • The Bureau of Justice Assistance just announced Funding opportunites




Idaho plans to reform correctional programs after in-depth assessment: