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The EBP Quarterly - Volume 6, Number 3

In this issue we features 3 timely and in-depth articles. Enjoy...

The Impact of Quality Assurance Practices on Client Outcomes

  • Giovanni Circo, Ph.D.
    Young Wang, M.S.
    University of New Haven

An Evaluation of the Newhallville Safe Neighborhood Initiative (NSNI)

  • Timothy K. Daty, M.Ed.
    David L. Myers, Ph.D.
    Jonathan Allen Kringen, Ph.D.
    University of New Haven

Introduction: Addressing Food Insecurity through Public Administration

  • Dr. Monica Fulton
    President, Advanced Legacy Solutions, LLC

EBP Quarterly Editor: David L. Myers, PhD, University of New Haven

Publisher: Joyfields Institute

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Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash